Gayle and Hillel

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Telling the Family, Part II

Gayle's dad, Nachum, sent the following e-mail:

"Dear Family and Friends,
On our recent trip to Israel to see Gayle in the lead role in the play, "Proof," we were met at the airport by a handsome smiling young man named Hillel Cooper. He drove us up to Jerusalem to Gayle's apartment where, just a few short moments after we arrived, Gayle came smiling in. She and Hillel threw their arms around each other, kissed, then turned to Barbara and me and announced, "We are engaged!" "

I (Gayle) will add that one of the reasons I love Hillel is because he thought it was no big deal (or pretended it was no big deal) to go pick up his future in-laws at the airport without ever having met them.

When I got home from rehearsal that night, I saw that they were all getting along comfortably, eating spaghetti, and so in the early exchange of hugs and gifts, I was able to give my parents an album with pictures of Hillel and a letter introducing them to the next member of the family.

They were not only happy and incredibly supportive, but they were also good sports as we presented them with a schedule for the next few days that included meeting the Coopers and driving around to half a dozen possible wedding sites.


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