Gayle and Hillel

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Telling the Family: Part 1

Even though Hillel's parents live in Jerusalem and Gayle's parents live in California, we wanted to tell them at approximately the same time. We broke the news to the Coopers on a Friday night a few days before the Meyerses were to land for a visit.

Hillel's parents are renovating their home, and as usual, dinner table talk turned to the renovations. Hillel repeated a standard family line about how he couldn't get married and have kids until the house was renovated, because there wouldn't be room at the dining table. Meanwhile, Gayle surreptitiously put on the engagement ring. Neither the statement nor the ring got any particular notice. Hillel said it again, with more emphasis; Gayle waved her hand around. Finally, Hillel's sister Rena looked over, noticed that the two of us were basically hyperventilating, and said, "God, we're dumb." Hillel's father, Gerry, stopped mid-sentence. Everyone called out to Hillel's mother, Pauline, who had left the table during all the chit-chat, and told her to come back from the kitchen. ("Am I missing something?" "Yes, Mom, you're missing something. Put down the soup and come back in here!") There were hugs and congratulations all around.


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